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Vipassana means witnessing. Osho


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Many people miss meditation because they think it is something serious. Sincerity rather than seriousness is helpful.
In OSHO Vipassana and Zazen Retreats we are supported by Osho’s active meditations which give our body some relaxation, and the emotions an opportunity for expression.
The other meditation groups mentioned here are accompanied by music which adds a joyful and light atmosphere.

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Osho on Vipassana & Zazen

Buddha's way was Vipassana - Vipassana means witnessing. And he found one of the greatest devices ever: the device of watching your breath, just watching your breath. Breathing is such a simple and natural phenomenon and it is there twenty-four hours a day. You need not make any effort. If you repeat a mantra then you will have to make an effort, you will have to force yourself. If you say, "Ram, Ram, Ram," you will have to...

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Prem Shunyo welcomes you to the OSHO Institute of Vipassana and Zazen as director and facilitator. Shunyo has been in Osho’s world for forty years. She was part of his household and travelled with him for fourteen years. This was her training in meditation.
Since 1995 she has been travelling all over the world, sharing and teaching meditation.
Her book “My Diamond Days with Osho” tells the story of her life with Osho.

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