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14 January 2018

From Zorba to Buddha

The passage into 2018

From Zorba to Buddha

‘Our OshoTimes friends organised a 3-day event for the New Year and with the title “The Joy of Change”. This became the theme for our celebrations. Apart from lots of dancing, playfulness, meditations, eating and drinking, we had a more ‘serious’ look at how our attachments cause us pain. Everything is always changing so why be attached? Osho’s meditation from “The Book of Secrets” was a support for us to celebrate change.

It was a wonderful passage into 2018. If you were there and you are reading this – thank you so much for helping to create this fabulous celebration. It was a real ‘Zorba’ affair.

Oh let me tell you who Zorba is if you are maybe reading this and you are not acquainted with the character in the Kazantzakis novel Zorba the Greek – Osho loved this character in the novel and Zorba represents a person who knows how to be total in love, and enjoy life to the fullest.

Late on January 1st we moved towards Osho Miasto where we did a Vipassana retreat. moving from the outside celebrations to inner silence. And it was so simple. As the excitement of the festive season, the many meetings with friends, the “Zorba” began to settle down tremendous relaxation happened. It was extraordinary how silent the Buddha Hall was. How still everyone was. Even more surprising was the fact that many people were doing Vipassana for the first time. And yet, something clicked on an energetic level and we all sank into a silent pool of energy.

There is something so precious and almost intimate about sitting in silence with a group of people with the sincerity, and indeed courage, to experience Vipassana. To watch the sometimes craziness of the mind, coming and going; changing. Like a self-encounter. Through the relaxed acceptance of whatever is happening, our chattering minds become quiet.

Those are moments when it is as though no one is there, just a breath.

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