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OSHO Meditation training 1

OSHO Meditation training 1

This training course is not only for people who want to share Osho’s meditations, either in a professional capacity or simply with friends, but also for those of you who wish to deepen your own meditation.

During these intense days of meditation we will not only be learning how to present Osho’s meditations, but also practicing different methods ourselves.

This will help your understanding of how meditation transforms people.

We will cover the very important aspect of meditation counseling and how to answer questions about meditation. You will have the opportunity to practice these skills during the course.

On sharing meditation, Osho tells us that whatsoever we have experienced in our meditation – share it – and by sharing it goes on growing. He says that in the inner world the economics is totally different than in the outer world. In the outer if you share you lose, but in the inner whatsoever you share is yours forever, not only is it yours forever, it is multiplied. He says, give more and you will have more.

Maybe you would like to learn how to share meditation with others, or perhaps you just need a little more confidence in your own silence and meditation. 

This training is for every sincere seeker on the path.

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