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Passion for meditation - Living at the Maximum

Do you ever feel that something is missing in your life, but you cannot pinpoint what it is?

         This meditation course helps us to connect with our passion for life.

Passion is creative, it creates energy. It is fire. Passion is life...and it is the way for meditation to happen.

Many people miss meditation because they think it is something serious, or ‘religious’. 

In this workshop we can experience that meditation makes life more juicy. It is a way to really be alive and enjoy each moment. It is your nature and the techniques of meditation are simply ways to help you discover this.

Practising meditation methods will help you to take distance from the chattering mind – the ‘mind’ that we all know so well, of on-going dramas, and worries, and repetition.

Meditation will help you to connect to your feelings, without getting lost or overwhelmed by emotions.

         We will experiment with methods where our every-day life experiences can become a meditation – for instance a meditation on change and insecurity and how to accept and flow with the challenges that life brings. 

         In these days we use techniques from Osho's Book of Secrets and his revolutionary methods to light that fire of passion and learn ways of integrating it into our daily lives.

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