OSHO Maha Vipassana 2015

Maha Vipassana is an “impossible” dream that has now come true – twice.

I am here in OshoMiasto with eighty people – people with the sincerity and the courage and a touch of craziness – to sit for seven days in silence watching their breath. There is nothing to do but watch the breath, whenever we can of course, as between the breath there is our minds that like wild beasts who have always ruled us, now require some training. Continue reading

The Breath inside the Breath

Watch your breath and you will come to know what he means – you will see one thing which cannot be seen unless you watch your breath. Buddha made it a great technique for meditation, watching the breath, because through watching it you will come to know the breath inside the breath. The word ’breath’ means life. In Sanskrit the word for breath is prank: prank means life. In Hebrew the word for breath means spirit. In all the languages of the world, breath is thought to be synonymous with life or spirit or soul. But breath is not the real soul – you will come to this experience only when you watch.Continue reading