OSHO Maha Vipassana 2019:
A letter from Upasana

In my first hours in Vipassana, I felt my shoulders slump – my mind was over flowing with resistance. My beloved and I had had a taste of Rome and Venice and we intended to resume our travels through Florence when we completed the 7 days and I was impatient to continue on our journey. Sitting still after so much motion and novelty seemed such a difficulty.

As I was settling on my cushions I had my first moments of clarity. “There is” I thought to myself “absolutely nothing difficult about sitting and doing nothing for 7 days! – Please stop the complaining!”Continue reading

OSHO Maha Vipassana 2019:
A letter from Sudhir

Osho Miasto

September 2019


In 2014 when my mother died, I felt that best way to celebrate would be to do Vipassana. It took five years, but I got there, with my beloved. And what a Vipassana it was; in fact, still is. It continues to travel with me. Fifteen hours from Sydney to Doha and then another five to Rome – and then, via Venice – Osho Miasto. There is not anything like Osho Miasto in Australia. Nothing so solid, so full of courses, programs and possibilities. I wanted to do this Maha Vipassana with Shunyo and Marco. I know them, love them and trust them. My trust was well placed. Their touch is loving and light.Continue reading

OSHO Vipassana Retreat
at Miasto 2018

I heard Osho say that Vipassana is like climbing a mountain.

I was thinking of this as we arrived to the tenth day of our Osho Vipassana in OshoMiasto.

Vipassana is a journey that is not always easy.

Sitting doing nothing, with no input or ‘food’ for the mind, takes courage at times to be able to watch how crazy our minds can be.Continue reading