Sit. Rest. Work.

Don’t be worried about the future, everything will be taken care of. Trust nature. AES DHAMMO SANANTANO: this is the inexhaustible, eternal law. Trust, and nature will shower upon you millions of blessings.
SIT…. Don’t rush, don’t run. Don’t continually be on the move for this and that. SIT. That’s exactly the meaning of ZAZEN.Continue reading

Zazen sitting: A pool of energy

What happens when you simply sit? The whole energy that has been moving in the body, outside the body, in actions, is no more moving. You become a pool of energy. The energy goes on gathering; you become a reservoir. In zazen you are not even allowed to sway or move your body, not even a slight movement, so no energy is invested in action; all energy becomes available. It goes on falling inside. It fills you. It starts overflowing. When the moment comes of overflowing, there is satori.Continue reading