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Prem Shunyo

Prem Shunyo

Director of the Osho Institute of Vipassana and Zazen.

Originating from London, Shunyo travelled to India in the seventies and her training in awareness beganwhilst living close to Osho for fourteen years, as part of his household.

She has been practicing Osho's meditations for over thirty-five years.

And now shares her experience, facilitating meditation courses and groups for women, as she travels to many countries. She also conducts trainings for people who would like to teach meditation to others.

Music, dance and celebration are an important part of Shunyos's work, and this coupled with her intuitive heartfelt way of working, allows participants to touch very deep levels of peace and silence.

Her book: "Diamond days with Osho" has been translated in eight languages.

Veet Marco

Music for Meditation

Musician and seeker of the unknown, in 1979 becomes disciple of the enlightened Master Osho and since then has been experimenting with sounds and music applied to meditation.

From 1995 he has been playing live for events and growth groups all over the world.  He has composed many meditations CDs available on this website. These meditations are ancient tantric liberation techniques.


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With Osho since 1978 he is promoting and organizing together with other friends, big meditation events in Italy as the Osho Festival and the Maha Osho Vipassana.

“Vipassana to me, means to take the energy away from all the outgoing mind doors and give all the space to my being present to myself. And without doing anything, all the energy gathers inside and spontaneously rises. And then it is as if a cool river reaches to the the roots of mysterious trees nourishing them. New sprouts and flowers everywhere. I owe this treasure discovery first to Osho and then to Shunyo...”