Sit. Rest. Work.

Don’t be worried about the future, everything will be taken care of. Trust nature. AES DHAMMO SANANTANO: this is the inexhaustible, eternal law. Trust, and nature will shower upon you millions of blessings.
SIT…. Don’t rush, don’t run. Don’t continually be on the move for this and that. SIT. That’s exactly the meaning of ZAZEN.

The word ‘zazen’ has come from this sutra.

Zazen means just sitting doing nothing. The first thing to do is learn sitting, a deep restfulness. Become a pool of rest, not even ripples of desire, going nowhere, no ambition — not even for God, not even for nirvana.
SIT… not only physically — psychologically, spiritually too. Learn to sit; that is zazen. And REST — and fall into a deep rest, so the breathing becomes natural, the body becomes cool, all the fever of constant desire and turmoil disappears, evaporates.

And then, WORK. That work will have a totally different quality. It won’t be out of desire; it will be creativity. It will be because you have so much energy available that you would like to share your energy with the world, that you would like to create something, that you would like to make the world a little more beautiful, a little more blissful, a little more human.

OSHO – The Dhammapada vol. 8 chap. 7

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