Watching is a knack

You have to remember: watching is not some art, some craft, no; it is a knack. All that you have to remember is, don’t get drowned in the river that is flowing inside.And how do you get drowned in it? If you become in any way active, you are drowned. If you remain inactive, passive, not doing anything… alert that, “I am not supposed to do anything; the anger is passing, let it pass. Goodbye….” If some thought is going past, good or bad, don’t bother.

Your simple concern is to watch, not to call anything names, not to condemn, because all those are actions. Action brings you into the mind. Inaction takes you out of the mind. Action is a bridge between you and the mind; with inaction the bridge is dropped, you are standing there all alone. And the moment you are not active, not in any way participating, a miracle is experienced. It is your participation that gives life to the mind — its thoughts, feelings, emotions — it is your participation that gives life to it. When you are not participating, they simply disperse, leaving a pure emptiness: you alone, in your utter aloneness. Time stops. As mind stops, time stops. And for the first time in your life you see the seer, you observe the observer. You become aware of awareness,and this is all that religion is about.

OSHO – From unconsciousness to consciousness chap.24

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