Osho on Zazen

That is the meaning of the word ’zazen’. ’Za’ means sitting doing nothing. And ’zen’ means: in that sitting when you are not doing anything you fall upon yourself, you encounter yourself, you see yourself. That is zen, ‘Dhyana’, meditation.

The word ’zazen’ is beautiful. ’Sitting and looking into yourself’ that is the meaning of it.

Man is more than the sum total of his acts, his thoughts, his feelings. Behind the acts, thoughts and feelings there is another man – that which is, that which essentially IS. But many seldom if ever show themselves in their essential being. Very few ever reach to that point of their essential being-hood, to their very ground of being. Those who reach, only they know that life is a benediction. A sheer joy, eternal celebration.

OSHO from ‘This Body the Buddha’ chapter 6

Osho on Vipassana

Vipassana simply means watching your breath, looking at your breath. It is not like YOGA PRANAYAMA: it is not changing your breath to a certain rhythm -- deep breathing, fast breathing. No, it does not change your breathing at all; it has nothing to do with the breathing. Breathing has only to be used as a device to watch because it is a constant phenomenon in you. You can simply watch it, and it is the most subtle phenomenon. If you can watch your breath then it will be easy for you to watch your thoughts.

One thing immensely great that Buddha contributed was the discovery of the relationship between breath and thought. He was the first man in the whole history of humanity who made it absolutely clear that breathing and thinking are deeply related. Breathing is the bodily part of thinking and thinking is the psychological part of breathing. They are not separate, they are two aspects of the same coin. He is the first man who talks of bodymind as one unity. He talks for the first time about man as a psychosomatic phenomenon.

OSHO from 'The Dhammapada', volume 11, chapter 5

Prem Shunyo

Prem Shunyo, director of the Osho institute of Vipassana and ZaZenPrem Shunyo welcomes you to the OSHO Institute of Vipassana and Zazen as director and facilitator. Shunyo has been in Osho’s world for forty years. She was part of his household and travelled with him for fourteen years. This was her training in meditation.

Since 1995 she has been travelling all over the world, sharing and teaching meditation.
Her book “My Diamond Days with Osho” tells the story of her life with Osho.

Groups & Retreats

OSHO Vipassana retreats with Shunyo and MarcoMany people miss meditation because they think it is something serious. Sincerity rather than seriousness is helpful.

In OSHO Vipassana and Zazen Retreats we are supported by Osho’s active meditations which give our body some relaxation, and the emotions an opportunity for expression.
The other meditation groups mentioned here are accompanied by music which adds a joyful and light atmosphere.